Jungle Warfare Course Program of Instruction


Jungle Living

Land Navigation

Jungle Plants and Animals

Mines and Boobytraps

Waterborne (small boat drills, poncho raft, rope bridge, knots)

Jungle Combat Techniques (patrolling), POI# 0110

Squad React to Contact (livefire), POI# 112

Quick Fire Techniques/Point man Course (scouts, livefire)

Helocast (scouts, special operations)


Pathfinder Operations (scouts, special operations)

Small Boat/Riverine Operations, POI #0118

Mortar Jungle Combat Techniques

Mortar Maneuver Course (livefire)

Basic/Advanced Demolitions (Sapper Platoon)

Riverine Recon and Demolitions Missions (livefire, Sapper Platoon)

Obstacle Course (optional)

Jungle Antenna (optional)

Platoon Raid Livefire (on village objective)

Village Cordon and Search

Ambush (livefire)

Situational Training Exercises (approximately three days in duration; patrolling, movement to contact, etc.)

Field Training Exercise (one to five days in duration; battalion level offensive operations; freeplay)