The British Army in Brunei


View large map of BruneiThe British Army in Brunei comprises a Gurkha Infantry Battalion and a Bell 212 Helicopter Flight of the Army Air Corps.

The climate of Brunei is suited to jungle operations and the Training Team Brunei run jungle warfare courses for all members of the British Army.

The resident battalion here in Brunei is the Second Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles. The role of the Bn is as the Army's Jungle warfare specialist Bn and the acclimatised reserve in the area. The Bn is supported by the small British Garrison which provides all logistic and administrative support.

The Training Team Brunei is the Army's jungle warfare school and runs a number of courses ranging from Jungle Warfare Instructor Courses to long range patrolling and tracking.

The Garrison community has all of the major facilities which you would expect in any other Garrison. Schools for the Gurkha and British chidren, a medical centre, libraries and of course the NAAFI.