Jungle Operations Training Center
Fort Sherman, Canal Zone
October-November 1978

photos and text from John McKay (A/HHC, 1st BN, 1978-1979)
JOTC Classroom
Typical classroom building at JOTC, Fort Sherman, CZ, October, 1978

JOTC Jungle Hooch
On extended patrol in Panama's triple canopy jungle:
a "hooch" somewhere in the interior of the Canal Zone.

Gun Emplacements
2LT Freakley, platoon commander of HQ platoon, A Company, 1-506th, with his command staff at the Spanish-American War era gun emplacements in Fort Sherman, CZ, October 1978.

Devil's Beach
Devil's Beach at Fort Sherman, CZ, during a break from Jungle School, October 1978. (L to R): SSG Edwin Sugai, PV2 Alan Windle, and PFC John McKay, all of A Company, 1-506th. (Note the Army-issue air mattresses.)

Soviet Freighter
Barracks buildings at Fort Sherman, CZ, October 1978.

Scott AFB Airport
PFC John McKay inside one of the hangers at Scott AFB, CZ, November 1978, with A Company Currahees in a "hurry up and wait" mode for the trip back to Fort Campbell, KY.

For more information on the Jungle Operations Training Center,
check out the web site http://junglefighter.panamanow.net .

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